What I’ve Been up to

So, I realized that I haven’t posted anything since I made this new blog. Sorry about that 🙂 So, I’ve decided to update you all on a couple of things I’ve worked on the past few months.

Prom shoot with Zalma

I shot the photos for Zalma and her date for their senior prom. They were really fun to work with 🙂 Here’s a few of my favorites.






Fizzah’s Graduation Party

Graduation! Yay! Fizzah was very confident in front of the camera and her and her whole family were very welcoming, and gave me A LOT of food (which was delicious). Most of the photos were family, but these were 2 of my favorites from the shoot before the party started.






Layla and Dustin’s Wedding

Back in May, I was given the opportunity to help shoot my very first wedding. It was a little terrifying, but overall absolutely amazing. The family was so friendly and laid back, they made it a great experience. Layla and Dustin were married in Emerald Isle, NC right on the beach. It was beautiful 🙂


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